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Language combinations

Segma Translations is a translation agency with a strong technological backbone. We have implemented a multitude of automated processes to make the translation service process itself easier for both our clients and our translators. Any of the translation services that we offer can be requested automatically from our website. 

The only part of the process that is not automated is the translation itself! At Segma Translations, we pride ourselves on that fact that we always provide human translations, these will never be carried out by any automatic tool.

Native translators

Our specialized translation team is made up of qualified and native translators. All of our professional translators are appointed via an exhaustive selection process in order to guarantee our customers only high-quality translations.

Translate website

One of the toughest decisions a company will face when carrying out website translation is deciding which markets they will target and, consequently, into which languages they will translate. Thanks to the internet, it is possible for even small and medium-sized businesses to make their mark on the world.

Search engine optimized (SEO) translation

Website translation and multilingual SEO translation are now of vital importance for international companies. With more than 80 % of customers preferring to browse a website in their native language, multilingual SEO translation is a must have.

Corporate solutions - Project management

Segma Translations offers an excellent proofreading service for the purpose of ensuring that your translations are totally accurate and error-free. If you opt for this service, our native proofreaders will be specialized in the subject matter and will also ensure that your content is localized for the appropriate region with the corresponding vocabulary.

Specialist subjects

We have expert native translators at our disposal for the most demanding and specialized translations in numerous different fields. Get in touch with our Sales Department or go directly to our Online Quote section and we can provide you with a personalized quote to suit your needs.

Our capable project managers will be able to assess your text and assign the translation to a translator with the appropriate knowledge and experience in the relevant sector.

File Formats​

We utilize a number of different automated tools which allow us to extract the words to be translated from a multitude of file formats including: OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc.

Whether you need to translate a simple Word document or an entire corporate brochure in Adobe InDesign, you can send us your document and our advanced word-count system will automatically calculate the number of words in your document.

Quick translation

If you need a fast translation, you can choose our Quick Translation option to speed up the process. As with all of our services, our highest priority is the quality of the work that we provide. Our Quick Translation process still involves several different stages of quality control to ensure that work is completed to the highest of standards.