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Professional translations

Segma Translations is a translation service process itself easier for both our clients and our translators. Any of the translation services that we offer can be requested automatically from our website. The only part of the process that is not automated is the translation itself! At Segma Translations, we pride ourselves on that fact that we always provide  human translations, these will never be carried out by any automatic tool.

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Segma Translations offers an excellent proofreading service for the purpose of ensuring that your translations are totally accurate and error-free. If you opt for this service, our native proofreaders will be specialized in the subject matter and will also ensure that your content is localized for the appropriate region with the corresponding vocabulary.

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Segma Translations provides a top-quality transcription service to convert all of your audio or video files to text. Whatever kind of transcription you need, our expert linguists are experienced in providing accurate transcripts in their native language. We are also able to provide high-quality professional translations of these transcripts in any language combinations. This means that your business can use the content in any way it requires and in any target market.

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We work with experienced native interpreters in numerous different language combinations, and our interpreting services can be specifically tailored to meet your business needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will be able to help you communicate effectively with clients or partners.


Localization refers to the adaptation of documents for foreign audiences. Sometimes a pure translation is all that is required, but when it comes to documents like marketing brochures, product information leaflets, blog posts and websites then localization services can be extremely important.

If you’re taking the time to translate your website into another language, then you presumably want to reach out to people in another country. But literal conversion of the text from one language to another can sometimes lead to embarrassing translation mistakes. That’s where localization comes in.

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