Localization Services

Localize and adapt your content to new market

Multilingual localization and adaptation

Translation consists of transposing a text from one language to another. Localization is slightly different because it involves adapting content to the specific characteristics of another country. It is commonly abbreviated to l10n, in reference to the number of letters between the first “L” and the final “N”. Almost any content can be localized, including apps, software, and websites. Localization is the ideal solution for when your business is entering new markets and needs to adapt its content, as many consumers prefer reading product information that is in their native language.

Enter new markets

Who better to help you communicate your company’s message than a translator with demonstrated expertise in their native language and knowledge of their home country’s culture? Our network of professional translators will help your business bring its product to new markets by adapting your written content to fit the required tone and style. We work with translators who have significant industry expertise and therefore perfectly understand industry terms as well as your company’s needs. High-quality localized content can help to make your regional marketing strategy a big success!


More than a translation

Unlike a direct translation of a text into another language, localization takes things a step further by taking into account the culture of your target market. It involves adapting content to the country’s traditions, customs, and culture, as well as to local sensitivities.  Adaptation services can also be necessary for texts with cultural references, jokes, or proverbs that don’t translate well to other languages. Adaptation also includes visual elements and other aspects such as units of measure or currencies.