About Us

Providing professional translations by native speakers located worldwide.

Segma Translation is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Segma Translation headquartered at Jordan established in 2012. We also have presence in Delhi and Mumbai. We cater our services in 92+ languages including Asian, African, American, European & Middle East languages. We are committed to quality deliverable engaging advance technologies. Segma Translation provides services in the field of Technology, Finance, IT & Software, Insurance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Gaming, Legal, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Utilities.

Our Mission

Be the leader in providing linguistic solutions to our clients so that they can be successful in their business globally. Achieving 100% client satisfaction through our strong communication, collaboration and consistency with our high-quality delivery. We care about how satisfied you are with us, not just about getting the job done. Improvement and innovation happens best when there is an environment of collaboration.

Our Vision

We want to bring our passion for language and our love for technology together to help our clients in making their products and services global. This means to be available worldwide, in local languages, and customized for local cultures.

Our Team

Majdi Abualila


Kristen Lewis


Nataliya Stepulev